Azoria Foods isn’t just another fancy name for a fine food company; it is a name that our customers have come to trust as the leading food supplier for their banquets and events. With years of experience in market knowledge, we have tweaked our banquet and special event menu so that it will meet the demand of a variety of palates. We are constantly listening to what our customers want, and we are meeting those needs consistently beyond their expectations.

Since 1995, our hard work and dedication to our clients has paid off. Our customer base has successfully grown from a one-person company, to a leading banquet supplier in the food service industry. What makes our company stand out from the rest? Top line chefs and leading service providers are the arms and legs of our business. Our passion for fine food and unbeatable quality service has led to our success! Best of all, clients have discovered that Azoria Foods is the company that provides memorable banquets and special events for any occasion. From conception to delivery, Azoria Foods is your one stop banquet solution!