About Azoria Foods

Azoria Foods, previously AZ Hors d’ Oeuvres, has been offering high end hors d’ oeuvres, entrees, desserts, breakfast, and break menu items to the culinary world for over 25-years


What Defines Us?

At Azoria Foods, we are driven to accomplish one singular mission: provide the highest quality service to our chefs. We know providing exemplary service is not just operating 7-days a week and ALWAYS being there for our customers, but it also entails providing high quality and innovative culinary choices. With a commitment to the highest quality products and outstanding customer service, Azoria Foods has grown into a leading banquet supplier in the food service industry.

Ability To Adapt

Not finding what you need in our stocked product selection? Not a problem. We work tirelessly with chefs in creating the desired product. We act as an extension to the chef’s kitchen – providing labor flexibility while acting as a trusted and reliable sous chef. From conception to delivery, we act as your one-stop banquet solution.

Where Do We Operate?

By listening to our customers and reacting to their changing needs, we DIRECTLY distribute to our customers in Arizona, Washington, Oregon and Colorado. However, we ship across the country every week to customer all over the map.

Local Sustainability

Azoria Foods understands the importance of purchasing local. We are BIG proponents of buying from local farms when possible. We understand our relationships with vendors are vital to our core business – adapting to the needs of our diverse customer base. Partnering with local farmers and vendors allows us to incorporate organic and unique ingredients not otherwise found at big broadliners.